U.S. Tax Lien Industry Worth BIllions – Excess Demand Creates Scarcity

From a recent Article posted on World Property Journal They break down some pretty astonishing figures about the tax lien industry as a whole.

Brad Westover, NTLA

Brad Westover, President National Tax Lien Association


29 States sell $5-$6 Billion Dollars in Tax Liens Each Year.  That is just a drop in the bucket apparently because it is estimated that $20 – $25 Billion in local property taxes go unpaid each year.   (that would pay a lot of teachers).

The Tax Lien industry is very, very competitive with far more investors searching for tax liens to purchase than what is available.

“I believe there are more tax lien investors than tax liens available,” Mr. Westover affirms. “This is a good thing for local government, it’s competitive, it has been for a few years now because borrowing rates are so low.”

Read the Full Article Here World Property Journal

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