Private Investing in Flathead


Tax lien sales helped the county of Flathead be on budget. The money came from 250 tax liens that tax buyers purchased from the county. During the week it came out to be $643,710. A company from New Orleans was the biggest investor that purchased over $333,360 worth of tax liens. The sale of tax liens have become popular in the Flathead county because most of the properties maintain their value. This is the 2nd year the county of Flathead has let private investors purchase tax liens. Due to the success of the purchases the county has been able to clear backup taxes, help pay for ongoing expenses in the county, such as schools, law enforcement, and other county functions. It has helped reduce the county’s outstanding tax liabilities.

“This year was the first time in her 31 years at the county treasurer’s office that the county’s outstanding personal real estate property tax liabilities were less than $1 million.”

Many private investors of Flathead are only interested in the interest. Some investors don’t sell the property and work out a deal with the property owner. One investor said “I’m not interested in getting people’s property. And I’m not trying to cheat anyone out of their property.” Most of the liens get paid off.

However, there are still 56 liens on properties that are from 2010 that have not been paid off and could result in the tax buyer owning the homeowner’s property. Investors of Flathead will continue to purchase tax liens as long as the county allows it.

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