Generating Revenue with Tax Liens

Athens county recently received over $200,000 from a company who has purchased liens against delingquent taxpayers. The tax collector’s office was able to organize payment plans with nearly 80 property owners who owe overdue property taxes, interest and penalties. The individuals participating signed the contract for payment plans for up to two years and will no longer have to pay interest and penalties that they accumulated with his or her delinquent taxes.

The money received from TAXease company or through county payment plans will be distributed to local entities that have tax levies, Bias said.

Bias said some properties on the unsold list will be reviewed again for possible consideration for a second tax lien sale planned for the fall. He said the October sale is expected to be bigger. Property owners whose liens have been sold to TAXease will get a letter from Bias telling them that their delinquent property taxes are now subject to a 17.5 percent interest rate, and that they need to contact TAXease for payment information. If they don’t contact the company within a year, TAXease can foreclose on the property, according to the letter.

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