rei-holdings-logo-black_thumbEvery year over $14 billion dollars in tax lien certificates are sold to investors across the country. The vast majority are sold to sophisticated institutional investors. REI Holdings specializes in giving individual investors like you access to the tax lien inventory that was originally locked up by institutional investors.

Consider us your “Backstage Pass” opening up markets and opportunities that until now have been off limits to individual and small cap investors.

Where does REI Holdings get their Tax Liens?

Simply put we have massive buying power after years of investing in tax liens ourself we have been able to establish the relationships and grow our private portfolio.  We now have access to hundreds of millions of dollars in tax liens.  The majority of which were previously unavailable to smaller investors.   We then split those portfolios up into smaller chunks and pass them onto our customers.

History of Tax Lien Investing

After the financial crisis, significant amounts of institutional investments have effectively squeezed the individual investors from the primary market. In todays market place the vast majority of purchases on the primary market (county held auctions) come from institutional investors.  REI Holdings has cracked the code to provide direct buy tax liens to individual investors. The days of fighting the crowds at tax lien auctions and then waiting for years for redemption periods to end are over.  Our investors are able to buy today and foreclose tomorrow.  For the first time ever, you are able to turn your investment dollars over quickly.


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