Purchasing Foreclosure Ready Tax Liens Through REI Holdings

When you choose to purchase foreclosure ready tax liens through REI Holdings you will be assigned both a portfolio manager and a personal account manager. This white glove concierge service will see you through every step of the purchasing process.

First your portfolio manager will work with you on outlining your personal tax lien strategy. whether it be planning for retirement or wealth building we will custom design a portfolio that matches your exacting requirements. For more long term care your account manager will take you by the hand to ensure that you stay on strategy and maximize your purchase.

Purchasing Tax Lien’s will no longer require you to spend hours and hours looking through endless list of Tax Lien Certificates, calling counties, attending auctions and hoping to find that “needle in a haystack property.” With the help of your portfolio manager most deals are done in hours not weeks.

Buying a Tax Lien Certificate is really as simple as

  1. Speaking with your Portfolio Manager
  2. Analyzing the deal and signing our simple online agreement
  3. Funding through ACH or Wire Transfer (self directed IRA’s can take longer to fund)

Detailed Purchasing Process

In order to purchase tax lien certificates through REI Holdings, the largest provider of tax lien certificates to small cap buyers, our clients are required to speak with a Portfolio Manager.  (1) Our Portfolio Managers will then have a short interview with the client to discover what type of tax lien certificates they are interested in.

(2) The Portfolio Manager will then go through current inventory and cherry pick the very best certificates that meet the client’s criteria.  The Portfolio Manager considers all criteria including:

  • Property Type
  • Property Location
  • Purchase Amount
  • Rate of Return
  • Property Values
  • Sale History
  • Comparable Analysis
  • Roll Up Totals
  • Certificate History
  • Certificate Age

(3) Then your personal Portfolio Manager will email some purchasing options for you, so you can review them.  They will call you and walk you through analysis and answer your questions until you feel comfortable with details of the purchase.

(4) The client then signs an Agreement for the agreed upon tax lien certificates and executes payment for those certificates.

(5) Upon receipt of the signed Agreement, our Administration and Servicing team will reach out to the client to retrieve necessary information to start the process.  For example, counties typically require an updated W9 from each client.

The client can then foreclose on the property or continue to stand by and collect interest on the tax lien.  When the property owner pays the taxes plus interest accrued, then the county will mail a check or process an ACH payment directly to the client for the full amount of tax lien plus interest.

If you haven’t had a conversation with one of our Portfolio Managers, contact us now to experience it.