Tax liens have been a hot item in certain circles for centuries; among bankers, institutional investors, and hedge fund managers.  They buy up as much as they possibly can spending hundreds of millions in tax lien certificates every year.

This makes it tricky for small buyers to participate when these large investors are near.  In some cases, counties will even let these large investors buy the entire county portfolio!

However, there is a marketplace, a secret place, where these large investors trade and purchase from one another.  Tens of millions of dollars in tax lien certificates trade hands through this Secondary Market; these are tax liens that were purchased at an auction, and then are sold through a private sales afterwards.

This is not a place for individuals, unless you know someone and have at least $10 million dollars they won’t even talk to you.

What if someone were able to tap into that market, purchase large bunches of certificates, and then offer them for sale in smaller, manageable groups?

That is exactly what REI Holdings has done.  We have played in this private trading marketplace, and have opened the door for our clients.  As we continue to purchase large portfolios on the Secondary Market, our portfolio managers meet with our clients and help them participate in the public Secondary Market through us.

Never has this been a possibility before.  Our clients can avoid the auction, the competition, the county nuance, and purchase tax lien certificates that were previously impossible to find.  You’re welcome.  🙂