It is estimated that 20 – 40 percent of property taxes go unpaid every single year.  This happens for multiple reasons; perhaps the property owner passed away, or maybe they have abandoned the property, or it’s possible that the property owner simply forgot, or fell on hard times.  Whatever the reason is, the county goes without the necessary funds to sustain government programs like funding the police department, fire department, public schooling, parks, roads, etc.

The county is desperate for that money as property taxes are the primary source of income to support all the programs described above and much more.

The only recourse the county has is to place a lien on the property.  The lien acts as a barrier to stop the property owner from transferring ownership, refinancing, or anything else regrading the title.  The property owner’s hands are tied until the tax lien is paid… and paid in full.

But that doesn’t solve the county’s problem.  The county placed a lien on the property, but they didn’t get their money.  That’s where the opportunity arises for you and me and anyone interested in lending a hand to the county government and getting a pretty reward in return.